Logging (and Exception Handling)

During the last year, the exception handling and logging themes have been quite recurrent, even leading to a talk I gave at Codebits 2011.

Since the theme is still coming back to me, both at work and online (this time via Sergio Bossa), I decided to dump here some of the information I have been collecting and producing.

For starters, this is an enriched version of the slideware I used for the above mentioned Codebits talk:
Exception+Logging=Diagnostics 2011
(Other of my presentations can be found here.)
As with my previous presentations, if you download it, you will find some extra information (including the URLs of the most important sources I used) at the slide's comments. (I am sorry, but SlideShare does not seem to be able to display the comments from the Powerpoint format I used this time.)

Anyway, my favorite articles and presentations about logging are currently here:
Naturally, I do not agree with everything written in the above mentioned articles. Well, give it some time and I might not agree with everything I wrote on my own slideware...

I believe, however, these articles to be useful fuel to help anyone, with enough critical thinking, to build their own paths.

Having to talk about logging helped me to step further away of the self centered view most developers seem to have about logging. I had already taken a few steps out of there by working together with sysadmins and other colleagues, supporting the larger applications I worked on and sharing their pains. But making a presentation always forces me to have a much deeper reflection about the presentation's subject.

That is why my slideware focuses on the communication role of logging, as do several of the above mentioned sources.

Instead of developing this blog entry further, just read with attention the above articles. Believe me: must of us have a very bad logging communication... Poor sysadmins!

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