Codebits 2009

I finally went trough the Codebits experience:
I ended up having the chance to have a rather complete experience too, not only attending but also by giving a talk and competing in the famous 24 Hour Programming Contest.

Not everything went perfectly, but it was an amazing experience.

Please believe that I don't use the word "amazing" as liberally as those people you often watch on TV. This was really interesting and I want to repeat it next year, if I have the chance.

The title of my talk was "Distributed programming and data consistency" and there is a video (Portuguese spoken) here:
The talk mentioned several NoSQL data handling techniques, but the focus was mostly on Data Consistency, CAP and BASE / Eventual Consistency.

After watching me back I just found out how much I have to improve as a speaker. The feeling I have is like:
  • The guy which studied the subject and prepared the slides did a good job;
  • The guy which presented it must be "a bit" livelier,  have better tempo.
I will try to watch this video again before I do any other talk... but in case it goes offline I took notes too (with all the gory details I am avoiding to mention here). =;o)

In the next days I will prepare a version of the slideware with better notes, which will include the URLs of the most interesting literature I came across about this subject.


  1. Hi Paulo, it was nice meeting you at Codebits! Thanks again for the ride to my Hotel.

    I agree, seeing yourself speaking on video can be revealing :) - I try to do it every time, that's the best feedback you can get to improve.

    I also recommend the book "Confessions of a public speaker" that I'm currently reading, very entertaining and insightful!

    Take care!


  2. It was very nice to meet you too, and you have nothing to thank me for, even because the ride resulted in such a nice chat.

    I will try, at the next talk I give, to record at least my voice. That is not so hard to achieve trough my own means and the sound track alone already included a big part of the useful feedback I got.

    I'll get that book! Thank you for the suggestion.

    All the best,